Pre-registered cars are essentially new cars - some people technically will describe them as used cars - which are bought by the dealer before they are sold to the next buyer. The reason dealers do this is to appear as if they are selling the cars helping them to meet monthly quotas, and keeping the numbers looking good to manufacturers etc by meeting their sales quotas even if they are actually struggling for business. The car will then be sold for a discounted price as the buyer will be the second registered buyer, despite the fact that the car is pretty much brand new with only the delivery miles on the clock. Sometimes a pre registered car might be used for test drives and demos etc so you should still look out for signs of wear and tear if buying a pre-registered car, if those signs are apparent you should look to pay ex-demo prices.

The main attraction to pre-registered cars is that they will often offer massively discounted prices as it occurs when the manufacturer is willing to lose out on a bit of money to ‘move metal’ and preventing a stockpile from occurring. However don’t expect this to happen with the ‘nicer’ more ‘popular’ cars very often as there is a reason why cars will stock pile and end up being pre-registered and that reason is usually because no one wants it, so when going down the route of pre-registered cars you are probably more than likely to end up with a car reminiscent of the Fiat Bravo with a rogue paint job to top it off. With the internet however, and access to a lot of dealerships with the click of a button you do have access to quite a bigger choice in terms of pre-registered vehicles.